About Us

     South Jersey Fly Fishers

The South Jersey Fly Fishers were founded in 1992 when a small group of fly fishermen mostly from Salem County NJ got together and thought it might be interesting to form a fly fishing club. A big response was not expected especially in this part of New Jersey because at that time seeing someone fishing with a fly rod was unusual. To everyone’s surprise over thirty people showed up for this first meeting. From that point on we grew to over 100 members. We have always met monthly and over the years have had many interesting speakers. Our club covers all types of fly fishing. We’ve had presentations on salt water fly fishing, warm water fly fishing, trout fishing, salmon fishing, and even fishing for carp. The same thing goes for the club sponsored trips. There have been Club trips to Maine to fish for trout, salmon, and small mouth bass, Pennsylvania to fish for trout, shad, and small mouth bass,  Maryland to fish for trout, and shad, Montana to fish for trout, Virginia to fish for croakers, New York trout, and Delaware trout. In New Jersey we have monthly trips to several of our South Jersey lakes. Many of our members also fish the shore areas for stripers, bluefish, and weakfish. During the winter months we have weekly fly tying sessions on Saturday mornings at Camp Edge.

As part of our pledge to promote fly fishing, the South Jersey Fly Fishers conducts a fly fishing class every few years. We have held these classes at the Salem County Community College and the Cumberland County Community College. We have made introductory presentations to the Boy Scouts, several schools, and community days. Each year we participate in the Youth Outdoor Day sponsored by the Salem County Sportsmen’s Club. 

 At present our membership consist of approximately 50 members. The best part of being a member of the South Jersey Fly Fishers is the knowledge and friendship we get from each other. Being a member provides the fly fisherman with access to other fishermen from whom you can learn more about where and how to fish and what flies and equipment to use. Being a member of the south Jersey Fly Fishers will enhance your experience as a fly fisherman.

Fly Fishing Class at Cumberland County College.

Members of the South Jersey Fly Fishers explaining fly fishing

 to a group of Boy Scouts.

Fly Casting at Youth Outdoor Day