From the President: March 2017

     Jerry Lancaster


                      Camp Edge Fly Tying

Saturday morning fly tying will begin January 7th at Camp Edge. This activity will run weekly every Saturday morning through March. Members usually arrive at approximately 9 A.M. and tie till noon. Fly tiers and non-tiers are welcome. This is a great activity especially if you are a novice fly tier or wanting to learn how to tie flies. We have some great fly tiers as part of our membership who are always willing to help others learn. Another benefit of showing up Saturdays are the great lunches provided by several of the members of our Club. These lunches are varied and often include gourmet stews, soups, chili, or sandwiches. Come out and enjoy the fun. This is a great way to beat winter boredom. The Club makes a donation to Ranch Hope each year for the use of this facility.

To help with the cost of using the facility, members who attend are asked to make a one time donation of $20.00.



Camp Edge is located on Camp Edge Road approximately 1 mile east of the center of Alloway (the red light). From the center of Alloway take Route 581 ( Commissioners Pike) north approximately ½ mile and turn right onto Route 611(Alloway Aldine Road).

Follow Route 611 approximately ½ mile and then turn right onto Camp Edge Road. Follow Camp Edge Road. The entrance to Camp Edge is located on the left.

As I write this in late February, we have been having some warm days for this time of year. Perhaps some of you have taken advantage of that to get on the water and try your luck. At one of our re-cent fly tying days at Camp Edge, Chris Sulik was demonstrating some casts to some newcomers and caught a pickerel in the process. Bruce Mitchell reported that he recently had success fishing at Woodmere Lake. Ten pickerel and five bass is a pretty good day for the middle of February. Joe Mondile nailed them below the Harrisonville Lake dam. Ken Fair-child scored well on large-mouth bass at Logan Pond.

Yes, they do eat; even in the winter. If you get the

opportunity, give it a whirl;  you also may be surprisingly successful. In the meantime, get all your gear ready for the upcoming season.

There are only four more Saturday fly tying sessions left in March. We have had as many as 21 people in

attendance this year. Some new faces have appeared in addition to some former members like Ken Steffen from Bird-in-Hand, Pa.

If you have been unable to attend up to the present; come out and enjoy the comradery even if you decide not to tie.

At our February meeting, Kip Heiny revealed how he became a fly fisherman after outstanding success catching

sunfish with a popper.

The instructional segment covered the use of multiple flies. We watched the first half of the fly fishing film, Connect. We will view the second half at a later date.

The decisions on planning and presenting programs are always a challenge. There-fore, the Board of Directors is developing a series of videos that emphasize both destinations and instruction.

In addition to guest speakers, we hope they will provide interesting and affordable programs for the immediate future.

Acting upon the suggestions of Joe Rutala, we have arranged for Henry Ramsay to be the guest speaker at our monthly meeting on March 16, 2017. Henry has written a book entitled Keystone Fly Fishing which is an up to date guide to Pennsylvania’s best fly fishing. His presentation should include information on where to fish for trout, smallmouth bass, and other game fish species within the state. Please pass the word that this program is open to any guests and everyone is invited to attend.

Hopefully, most of our members are aware of our Facebook page and check it regularly for news, events, photos, etc. Our secretary, Art Ebert, does a terrific job posting pictures of club activities.

If you need information about how to access this feature, please ask for help. In addition, don’t forget our website, ( where detailed information about the club is available. Bruce Mitchell regularly updates the content to keep us current.

Jerry Sanker has informed us that his trip to Tom and Jerry Camp for some central Pennsylvania trout fishing will be in late April this year. He plans to leave on Sunday, April 23 and return Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. (i.e., April 26, 27, or 28).

This trip is open to all of our members and more specific details will be forthcoming.